Pretty-cool pad of pre-designed paper plane pages.

(say that ten times as fast as you can)

The Pad

48 Paper Airplanes | 12 Unique Designs

The Buzzer Plane

Named for its resemblance of a fly buzzing around, this paper airplane is excellent for stunts. Bend the tail ends up or down for some extra fun.

Folding instructions

Dino Soarer
Bomber Bee
Star Shooter
Strawberry Swoop

The Spear Plane

If you’re going for distance, the spear’s long aerodynamic shape is sure to be the best paper airplane for you.

Folding instructions

Steel Screamer
Wood Wing
Feather Flyer
Glide’n Grizzly

The Sailor Plane

With its lifted tail the Sailor paper airplane glides through the air with record-breaking hang time. Fold or curl the wings up to add some fun tricks to its flight.

Folding instructions

Sky Skimmer
Flutter Fly
Missile Maker
Flame Floater

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Paper Airplane Folding Instructions